The Benchmark for Floor Grating in South Africa

Cheap in the floor grating industry is more often than not nasty in the long term, with sub-standard products offering neither durability nor safety. Reputable specifiers and contractors have learned from experience that Andrew Mentis’ Rectagrid RS40 floor grating, manufactured at the world class facility at Elandsfontein, Johannesburg, is unequalled in the market for load bearing capacity. Read the rest of this entry »

Durable Grating for Industrial Flooring Solutions

Enhanced corrosion resistance is a given with Andrew Mentis’ Rectagrid RS40 floor grating making it the ideal solution for any industrial application.

Rectagrid RS40 floor grating is manufactured in a world class facility at Elandsfontein, Johannesburg using a pressure locking system pioneered by Andrew Mentis. Quality control during the manufacturing process ensures that close tolerances are maintained, and that the round transversal bar fits tightly through the pierced bearer bar. Read the rest of this entry »

Andrew Mentis Products for Sishen South Project

Kumba Resources’ Sishen South Project is being fast tracked for completion by November 2010. The screening plant is being fabricated, erected and commissioned by Tubular Technical Construction, which conducted a comprehensive survey of the market to source a supplier who could guarantee delivery, quality and reliability of specific products. Read the rest of this entry »

Non-Slip Grating in the Forefront of Innovation

Andrew Mentis, leading engineering and manufacturing company, is living up to its reputation for innovation with its patented non-slip grating which is set to replace serrated grating completely.

The non-slip characteristics have been obtained through the positive raised sections which create multi-directional obstructions on the top of each bearer bar. “Unlike serrated grating,” claims marketing manager, Elaine van Rooyen, “the loading capability of non-slip grating has not been compromised, so this positive-profile grating is quickly becoming a leader in the market.” Read the rest of this entry »

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