Maintenance Free Handrailing

Stainless steel tubular handrailing still outranks its competitors, and Andrew Mentis confirms that demand for this product remains consistent.

Corrosion resistant and maintenance free, stainless steel handrailing is the first choice in numerous applications including corrosive and damp environments. “This is because it’s aesthetically pleasing and offers scratch- and stain-resistant properties making it the obvious alternative to traditional mild steel or painted handrailings,” Elaine van Rooyen, marketing manager at Andrew Mentis, explains.

“Weakened handrailings caused by corrosion and damp can cause accidents as well as raise maintenance costs,” she continues. “Mentis’ stainless steel handrailings improve safety and reduce maintenance, and by doing so create a more productive work environment. And more importantly, impact positively on profitability.”

Van Rooyen says Andrew Mentis produces stainless steel handrailing in three alternative grades: 3CR12, 304 and 316 stainless steel. Stanchions are  45 mm in diameter with a 2 mm wall thickness and base plates designed to allow moisture to drain from the stanchion itself, adding to the corrosion-resistant benefits. The centre hole for the knee rail is drilled and then flared on both sides. The top is also flared and a half round cap is welded into place. The base plate is 8 mm thick and welded to the tube.

The clean modern lines are attractive and the stanchions offer a variety of standard angles and matching accessories. Bends and closures common to mild steel systems are also available for this stainless steel system.

Hand-, knee-rail and bends are manufactured from 31.8 mm diameter tube with a 1.5 mm wall thickness. Bends and closures have swaged ends, improving speed of installation and preventing moisture from penetrating into the joints.

All manufacturing is undertaken with an eye to ease of installation, without the need for special tools. The smooth satin finish combined with the selection of grades offers almost unlimited possibilities for interior and exterior commercial applications.

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