Non-Slip Grating in the Forefront of Innovation

Andrew Mentis, leading engineering and manufacturing company, is living up to its reputation for innovation with its patented non-slip grating which is set to replace serrated grating completely.

The non-slip characteristics have been obtained through the positive raised sections which create multi-directional obstructions on the top of each bearer bar. “Unlike serrated grating,” claims marketing manager, Elaine van Rooyen, “the loading capability of non-slip grating has not been compromised, so this positive-profile grating is quickly becoming a leader in the market.”

The non-slip characteristics are effective in all direction, in all finishes and work well on both leather- and rubber-soled shoes. The self-cleaning properties circumvent the dirt build-up which occurs with serrated grating. The positive-profile non-slip grating concept was applied to the well-known Mentis Rectagrid RS40 grating and is designed to allow a far larger surface contact area.

The pressure locking system of the positive non-slip Rectagrid RS40 secures the bearer and transverse bars with a pressure locking system, making it solid and safe for use in all applications, including mineral beneficiation plants, chemical plant and the food and beverage industry. “In short, it is ideal for any environment where floor grating must provide maximum traction even in the presence of moisture and dirt,” van Rooyen continues.

It was the grating selected by Petrel Engineering for the construction of the research station Marion Island, which is subjected to well over 300 days of rain or snow annually. “The positive-profile, non-slip grating provides safe and durable underfoot conditions for both pedestrians and forklifts,” she explains.  “Its success in these extreme conditions demonstrates the value of its unique features.”

This project was also the overall winner in the Eskom Hot-Dip Galvanising Awards. Andrew Mentis is an accredited member of the Hot-Dip Galvanising Association of South Africa.

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